Dharani Nachiappan, October 30 2019

My Everyday Makeup Look

Hey guys! I just wanted to do a quick post and update everyone on my everyday makeup look. It has changed a lot over the years and seasons. 

Growing up when I was in high school my mom was not too keen on me wearing makeup in general. Let alone caking my face with makeup the way I did. If there were pictures I would insert them here but I am not trying to embarrass myself like that. Now after many years of wearing and testing makeup I have mastered the art of having a minimalistic everyday makeup look. This is the brown skin edition because I know us girls with melanin have a tough time finding the right products to suit our skin tone. 

I am going to go step by step to help you achieve my everyday makeup look, but first we have to talk about the products that I will be using. 

Products used from left to right: 

I am so excited to do this everyday makeup look and after typing up this products list I realized how many Maybelline products I use (pls sponsor me lol). Anyways, before starting this makeup look please make sure you do your skincare prep that you do before you apply your makeup. 

Step 1: After prepping your skin, cover any problematic areas (acne scaring) with your concealer. I mixed the shades Cafe and Carmel for my perfect skin tone match. I use the beauty blender sponge to tap in the product lightly on to the skin. I use a bouncing motion to create that natural affect of wearing a very thin layer of makeup. For an everyday makeup look I do not like going crazy with heavy layers. 

Step 2: I lightly dust my face with the Maybelline FIT me! to make sure my makeup stays in place and it does not move all day. I also like to not go too crazy with the powder so that it does not look cakey. Again because this is an everyday makeup look I do not want to cake up the layers 

Step 3: Next, I like the fill in my eyebrows. For me personally I am thankful that I do not need to fill in my eyebrows too much. I like to use the Maybelline BROW drama, sculpting brow mascara. I lightly apply a thin coat over my eyebrows. 

Step 5: The next step I like to do is focusing on the eyes. I like to use my eyeshadow brush and dip into the modern renaissance eyeshadow pallet. I use the colour raw Sienna as a transition shade all over my eyelid. After that I like to add two thin layers of mascara on my to eyelashes. 

Step 6: I like to use the blush brush and tap into  the Maybelline FIT me! blush (Number 55). I lightly tap the product on the apples of cheeks in a swooshing motion. 

Step 7: Lastly, I like to go in with the Watt's Up! highlighter with my fingers and tap some products on the high points of my face (cheekbones, tip of my nose). 

And Viola! That is the finished look! 

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Picture taken with this makeup look that I took over the summer! 

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Hope you enjoy and make sure you send me the results if you try this everyday makeup look!

Written by

Dharani Nachiappan


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