Why Self-Isolating is so Important

Dharani Nachiappan, March 18 2020

I know this is probably the 83758372 post you have seen about the COVID-19, but I want to personally explain why I think it is so important to self-isolate at this time. To be honest there is so much news floating around these days about Corona, but from my perspective I didn't really understand until I saw this tweet on Twitter that I can't rememb...

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I was a fan of Victoria Secret until the Savage x Fenty Fashion Show

Dharani Nachiappan, December 4 2019

Growing up watching the Victoria Secret fashion show was a tradition for me. I always knew that whatever I was doing could wait because I knew I would be up for an evening with great music and beautiful models. However, when watching the show I realized that there was a lack of diversity,  there was an eerie realization that Victoria Secret was cas...

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DIY Pot for Plants Gift Idea

Dharani Nachiappan, October 31 2019

Do you have a friend's birthday coming up but have no idea what to get them? Well look no further because I have a great idea that you can make under budget! You only need a few materials and you are good to go. Before going any further I am going to list below the materials needed and links where you can buy them online.

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My Everyday Makeup Look

Dharani Nachiappan, October 30 2019

Hey guys! I just wanted to do a quick post and update everyone on my everyday makeup look. It has changed a lot over the years and seasons. Growing up when I was in high school my mom was not too keen on me wearing makeup in general. Let alone caking my face with makeup the way I did. If there were pictures I would insert them here but I am not try...

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